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tree trimming

tree trimming

this is one of the most important things to improve the aesthetic of your garden,for healthy and strong trees.

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tree pruning

control the oversize, reduce the dimensions, to keep your trees on safe dimensions.

tree removals

palm and tree removals

remove trees that are damaging, or could cause damage to your property, fast and safe best quality tree removals.

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weeds removal

weeds removal

keep your property, safe and clean,by removing and controlling the weeds.

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stump removals

any size any stump, we can help.

general removals

Garden removals

we can help with any removal on your garden.

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One thing we will never do is recommend tree removal when it is not warranted, we always keep in mind the future health and care of your trees and property and It has become a common practice for less professional companies to instill a sense of fear in perspective clients. the ability of failure than it actually does. And of course you have companies on the opposite side of the spectrum that almost always recommend pruning and do not properly asses the risk of the tree. Our tree experts have many years of  experience with hazardous trees, and that’s a fact. They are properly trained in diagnosing hazardous trees and recognizing aggravating factors that may cause a tree to fail. Even though we love trees, we do not take a biased approach when evaluating them for risk. Our job is to provide you with all of the facts and help you to make an informed decision.

tree trimming
property clearing

tree trimming services

need a tree removed? or maybe just trim your trees,  Selecting the proper tree care or tree service company is probably the most important thing and sometimes the most difficult step in the tree care process for homeowners. There are so many companies around, that claim to be tree care companies near you. The last time we counted there were well over 200 in the riverside area. So how is a homeowner to know who to select. It’s hard to sort through hundreds tree services with all of the creative marketing tactics and sale gimmicks today.  the tree guys tree service is a company that has built a reputation over the years of being in Perris Ca. You can always count on us to properly  care for your trees.  We do not use sales tactics and we do not recommend unnecessary services, we always help to find the best solution according with your needs. we are honest and great with trees what else could you want.

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weeds removal

home and property weeds removals and control.

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